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Gooseneck Designs has been creating their unique lines of hand made tiles from its studio in Westminster Maryland since 1991. Our goal is to create unique border designs and profiles to complement your installation. We understand the importance of making your home or place of business fit your exact taste. That is why we offer such a wide range of tile borders and profiles. For more choices and details you can click here to see all of Beautiful Borders and Architectural Elements catalog, colors and order information. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to find a distributer near you. For the full catalog click here.

Beautiful Tile Borders

The Large Pine Cone Border goes beautifully with the Wildlife Series or any place you want to make a dramatic statement It is 4” x 12” tile shown here in Evergreen. It is one of 20 different patterns that you can see in our catalog. Corners are available for all of our tile borders.

Our Clematis Tile Border is worth a second look. There are 3 different patterns to create the vine to add more realism and interest. It is 4” x 8” tile . You can see all three here in Gloss White. For a more detailed look, take a look at them in detailed coloring to match the Berry Field tile in this kitchen.

The Three Leaf Border 3” x 12” and is shown in Forest Green. The relief is a bit lower.

Shown here is the Three Leaf Border with the Classic Roll in Sage at the top of a shower.

The Boots and Saddles Border go well the Horse series. We also use it to border some of our custom equestrian murals. This border is 4” x 9 ½”.

Architectural Elements

The Small Tuck and Roll is the perfect chair rail tile to finish off that wall. It is 2” x 6”.
Shown here with the Rope and the Divine pattern from the Deco Series. There is also a Medium Tuck and Roll and a Large Tuck and Roll. Check our downloadable catalog for details.

The Classic Roll tile has a strong profile as you can see from the end. It is 4” x 12”.
We love it as a crown mold. Shown here in Gloss White.

This Victorian tile Border is also strong and makes quite an impression. It is 2” thick at the top and about 1” at the bottom.. The size is 4” x 12”. It makes an excellent crown or chair rail.

One thing about a ceramic baseboard, there is no painting and no water damage. Perfect to put in a shower or laundry room. We have two patterns of baseboard. Complex Base one and Two. They are 6” by 8”. See more about them in our catalog.

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