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Our Deco Tile Series consists of four tiles that fit together to create a subtle and appealing effect. Shown in slide show above. The larger specialty decos can stand alone or in series to be a focal element of your tile art installation. These custom tiles are great for kitchens, bathrooms, commercial spaces, and so much more. For more choices and details you can click here to see our specialty deco tile catalog, colors and how to order. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to find a distributor near you. For the full catalog click here.

Specialty Decos and Mini Tile Murals

Our World Series depict the 4 parts of our world The one shown here is called Fauna and represents all of the living creatures around us. Each of these tiles are 8 ¼” x 16 ½ “.You can see the whole series in our downloadable catalog by visiting our catalog page.

Flora is another favorite for she is part of the beauty of the growing things that nurtures our body and soul.

The Crown pattern from the Deco Series is one of 6 patterns of 4” x 4” that go together to create a complete pattern. In this case it is the circle of a crown. Our Classic Roll tile from the Architectural Elements Series tops it. You can see all of these patterns and some applications in our catalog.

The Divine pattern is shown next resting on Complex Base 1 in the same color.

The Retro Series is a very low relief set of tiles. The first shown is Wedge One and Wedge Two. Put together in these two tiles can create a number of patterns. One has the pattern carved into the tile and Wedge Two has basically the same pattern but this time the relief is raised from the tile. Shown here in Gloss White.

This shows the Wedge tiles in a Manganese stain installed on the wall of a vanity designed for a man. Very simple but effective.

Another pattern in the series is Bird in Flight. It has a border that is 4” x 8”, a corner piece that is 4” x 4’ and a large accent square that is 16” x 16”.

A detail of the Bird in Flight border installed with our Morse border to add interest.
See the entire pattern in this series in our catalog.

The 12” x 12” Rooster with a simple tile border can make a statement anywhere especially in detailed colors. Low relief so it is easy to clean as well. Also available in single colors.

Italian Evening is part of our Wine Series. It is 10” x16” and comes framed with its own border. Picture yourself in an Italian restaurant sipping wine and dipping bread into olive oil. The beginning of a delightful evening. There is a second scene in the series and a grape vine border to compliment them.

The Lemon mini tile mural is high relief and the fruit is life size. It is 18” by 24”. It is available in both detailed and single colors.

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