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Gooseneck Designs has been creating their unique lines of hand made tiles from its studio in Westminster Maryland since 1991. We take great pride in our flower tiles being avid gardeners. We think you will agree when you see our galleries below. For more choices and details you can click here to see the nature collection catalog, colors and order information. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to find a distributer near you. For the full catalog click here.

Our Nature Tile Collection

Iris tile is detailed color is 8” x .5 “ and is part of our Botanical Tile Series.

The Gloriosa Lily with the dragon fly is 8” x 15.5” .Framed by the Rope tile from our Architectural Elements Series finishes off at 10” x 17.5”

The Cherry Blossom is the third of the series and is the same size as the other two.
These tiles are also available in a single color.

The Flower Series consists of 6 different flower tiles. Each is 6” x 6 “ and is framed by a small ridge around the edge. This is the Small Camellia detailed like one of my favorite from the home I grew up in.

Violets are such a tiny but irresistible flower. This tile shows a small bouquet of them.

A creative use for these tiles is the outside wall of the home shown here. It is flanked by a long garden. These tiles framed in our Rope just need to be hosed off, no painting ever needed.

Saundra’s Flowers is a series of 11 different flowers. They are all designs on the diagonal and create a dramatic effect. The first is the Campsis with bees. A favorite.

The Asiatic comes next. All are shown in detailed colors, which can be customized.

The large bicolor Peony is a beautiful species. But it can also come in your favorite.
Each tile is 8” on a side and repeats are 12”.

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