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Gooseneck Designs has been creating their unique lines of hand made tiles from its studio in Westminster Maryland since 1991. Our handmade wildlife tiles are our most popular series. Rabbits in many sizes, Animal of Africa or many inhabitants of our woods and fields populate our tiles. For more choices and details you can click here to see the wildlife collection catalog, colors and order information. After viewing the gallery below, please click here to view a location near you where tiles can be purchased. For the full catalog click here.

Wildlife Tile Collection

Standing Rabbit is one of our customers’ favorites. He is one of 9 designs that are 8” x 8” in our Rabbit Series. See Catalog for complete group.

The Rabbit Mini Tile Mural is 18” x 24” and is shown in manganese stain. Also available in detailed coloring as well as any of our standard colors

Rabbit with Foot Up is one of our 6”x6” group

The goldfish pair or “Fish Lips” as we like to call them is one of 7 fish and 3 seaweed tiles that when combined with the water tiles can make a complete underwater scene.

For a small area, you might like our Koi mini tile mural that is 12” x 18” in its detailed colors.

This niche was created by using standard tiles and modifying a few so the whole scene ties together. There are other examples in our downloadable catalog

Our Wildlife Tile Series is created on the diagonal and fits a 16” or 18” backsplash depending on the width of the border top and bottom. The Deer and the Bear combination shown here uses triangular field tiles and the large pine cone border from our Beautiful Border Series in the catalog. There are relief triangles as well. Three sky and three landscape to create a more detailed scene.

There are two mini tile murals in the series. The Bear tile mural is shown here in detailed colors. It is 18” x 24” The other mini-mural has a variety of wildlife in it. All tile murals are available in either detailed color or any of our standard colors

Annie Oakley is one of our horse tile series of 6 designs in 6” x6” tiles. This Annie Oakley is a special 10” x 10” tile in detailed coloring that can be customized to look like your own horse.

The Horse Series also has a mini tile mural 18” x 24” . There is also a Boots and Saddles border designed to complement this series. You can find more about in under Beautiful Tile Borders in our downloadable catalog

Cooper’s Critters were designed for a delightful couple that enjoyed the outdoors and its inhabitants as much as we do. All tiles are 4” x 4”. This Chickadee is shown in Gloss White.

The Raccoon tile is very detailed but the background was glazed in Ivory.

This is the Elephant tile from the Animals of Africa Series. It is 4” x 4” as is the Lion
There is also a Giraffe, Crocodile and a Pair of Lionesses that are 4” x 8”.

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