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Gooseneck Designs has been creating site specific custom murals since 1991. We work with our clients to create a mural that is just for them. Their wish list of elements is turned into a conceptual sketch which they approve before the sculpting begins. They are hand sculpted in one piece and then cut into tiles that work with the design. After firing they are hand-glazed in custom colors that work with your room finishes and fired a final time. If you are interested in gathering more information about our custom murals please click here to see other examples. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Kitchen Murals

Montana Mural: Sculpted tile mural of mountain stream including bears fishing, high relief moose looking around the cabinet, high relief pine tree and eagle soaring on the 11-foot wall. The design included hood decorative tiles and continuous relief fish and water tiles under the windows.

Where’s Waldo? Multiple low to medium relief panels depicting the client’s home and natural surroundings. Panels were designed in custom cabinetry.

Where’s Waldo? Close up of John Deer tractor in low relief @ Kitchen sink below the window.

Where’s Waldo? Backsplash tile with pair of Skunks.

Medium relief Koi backsplash in Kitchen side Buffet. Grout was custom colored to match the adjoining color of the water and fish.

Fox Hunt Back Splash: Low relief Kitchen panel prior to installation. This is an example of how the mural is sculpted in one piece and then cut into tiles that flow with the design.

Wild Life and Farm: The client requested all the critters on her farm including a visiting baby Bear in the lower-left holding foot be included in her mural.

Wild Life and Farm: Close-up of baby Bear after cut from the panel before drying or glazing.

Spring Garden: Flowers and small critters populate this backsplash in colorful low relief detailed colors.

Spring Garden: Flowers in Kitchen Backsplash.

Southwestern Scene: Sculpted to highlight the setting sun against the magnificent mountains and cactus in Medium relief

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