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Gooseneck Designs has been creating site specific custom tile murals from its studio in Westminster Maryland and shipping to customers nationwide since 1991. Our tiles can be used in both Interior and most Exterior applications. We work with our clients to create custom tile for their particular application or signage need. Your list of elements is turned into a conceptual sketch which you approve before the sculpting begins. They are hand sculpted in one piece and then cut into tiles that work with the design. After firing the tiles are hand glazed in custom colors that work with your room finishes and fired a final time. If you are interested in gathering more information about our custom commercial tiles, please click here to see other examples. Please contact us with any questions you may have or to find a distributor near you.

Commercial Tile Work:

Shown are two signs from a full signage program for Deep Creek Discovery Center.
Signs were created for both exterior and interior spaces.

Low relief Deco Tiles inset in building exterior fascia surrounding the Elementary School building.

Frog and Column: This project for Johns Hopkins Hospital was designed to hide a plumbing pipe that could not be moved.

Circus Clown deco tile for Johns Hopkins children’s treatment area.

One of two typical historic East Baltimore community signs. 11 signs at the perimeter of the neighborhood were created using local children’s artwork duplicated into tiles.

Life size unicorn emerging from the waves create a dramatic focus for the entrance of this office space.

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